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Campground Pups
A Home Without a Goldendoodle Is Just a House

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Petite Mini Golden Doodle .

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5 star

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I invite you to take a few moments

to explore my state-of-the-art website and discover what my Petite Mini Golden Doodle breeding and adoption agency has to offer. As you explore, you'll find that I pride myself on delivering unparalleled customer service and competitive prices. My years of training and experience have equipped me to provide a unique service that sets me apart in a highly competitive market.

What truly sets me apart, however, is my commitment to earning your loyalty through every interaction. You can expect nothing but the utmost courtesy and respect in every word and gesture, as I believe these values are fundamental to building strong relationships with my customers.

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My personal customer relations skills are a top priority, and I go above and beyond to ensure that every interaction is professional, responsive, and attentive. My motto, "People before profit," underscores my belief that the success of my business is built on the trust and satisfaction of my customers. I invite you to experience for yourself the reputation I've built and the exceptional level of service I provide. Please don't hesitate to call or reach out via this website - I look forward to hearing from you soon.

MeLisa Smith
Business Owner

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Why Choose MeLisa at Campground Pups ?  Because ...

Always Friendly

Courteous friendly and particularly helpful.

Firm Commitments

We are committed to ongoing support for our customers, including training tips and healthcare advice.

Established and Credible

Credible breeding coupled with our impeccable reputation stands behind everything we do.

Card Payments

In addition to checks and cash, all valid major credit cards are accepted.


We include detailed information about the puppy's parents, health history, and temperament.

Quick Response Time

Customer service is courteous and prompt. In short, you won't be kept waiting.

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Campground Pups

A Home Without a Goldendoodle Is Just a House


"I cannot say enough good things about our experience with this website. We had been searching for the perfect Petite Mini Golden Doodle puppy for months, and we were so fortunate to have found Campground Pups . From the very beginning, we were impressed by the level of care and attention to detail that they put into their breeding program.

The adoption process was straightforward and well-organized, and we were kept informed every step of the way. When we finally met our new puppy, we were blown away by how sweet, friendly, and well-behaved she was. MeLisa clearly put a lot of effort into socializing her puppies, and it showed in the way that our new puppy interacted with us and other people.

Even after we brought our new puppy home,  MeLisa continued to provide support and resources to ensure that we had a positive experience. She offered training tips, advice on grooming and healthcare, and was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had.

It's been a few months now since we adopted our Petite Mini Golden Doodle puppy, and we couldn't be happier. She is healthy, happy, and has brought so much joy and love into our home. We are so grateful to have found Campground Pups and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new furry family member."

Evelyn Tondini

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