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Quite impressed with what MeLisa does

We are so in love with our new Petite Mini Golden Doodle puppy from this website! The adoption process was easy and straightforward, and the customer service team was so helpful in answering all of our questions. Our puppy is healthy, happy, and has the sweetest personality. We couldn't be happier with our new furry family member!"
Lance Angustar Jr.

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No bad reviews here - MeLisa Smith is amazing!

I have no qualms about writing a bad review when one is merited but Campground Pups always lives up to our expectations. The bonus is that MeLisa is so friendly and courteous. We are absolutely thrilled with our new puppy. We applaud the commitment to excellence.
Sincerely, Barbara Carson

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Campground Pups met and exceeded expectations

I can say, with all certainty, I have never been more impressed. I have already recommended Campground Pups to a friend. For sure, this is not your average puppy breader . MeLisa may just be the best out there.
L.C, Meliason